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Striving to improve Florida's universities: A conversation with Board of Governors chairman Dean Colson



imgres.jpegAfter having tackled what they consider key issues in K-12 education, such as teacher evaluations, tenure and student testing and accountability, Florida leaders have turned their attention toward higher education. Efforts to make changes in the past few years have run into resistance among both some lawmakers and some college and university leaders.

Still the talk continues, with hints abound that "reforms" are on the way. 

Reporter Kim Wilmath spoke to Board of Governors chairman Dean Colson to get some insights. Here's a snippet:

Q: The governor's Blue Ribbon panel on higher education has been discussing potential reforms. What are some things you hope make it into the panel's recommendations?

A: We welcome anything that will result in Florida having a stronger, well-coordinated university system. If that means more clarity regarding the Board of Governors' oversight authority, or greater flexibility regarding tuition, or even a stated commitment on public funding for higher education, the board is pleased that our universities are at the center of this dialogue. It would be very helpful if this task force makes recommendations that one, promote increasing the pre-eminence of our top universities; two, enhance the quality of all universities; and three, create a more predictable funding model.

Read the full interview here.

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 7, 2012 6:25am]


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