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Surprise! It's dress code enforcement time



We noted a week ago that Pasco County high schools were getting serious with dress code enforcement. Today we learned just how much they mean it.

In a quick Tweet, Mitchell High School assistant principal Jessica Schultz announced "First Day of Dress Code Impact Days! Please be in dress code!"

Intruigued, we asked Schultz for details. She e-mailed back that the school has "non-negotiable expectations" that all students will follow the district's code of conduct, including the dress code. The school has clearly stated these rules to students and parents, she continued, and the time had arrived to ensure everyone was meeting the expectations.

"The tweet about the dress code check referenced a quick, unannounced check to ensure these expectations were met," Schultz wrote. "Students whose dress did not meet these expectations were asked to change into appropriate clothing.  The entire process took less than 5 minutes, in order to minimize the disruption to the learning environment. Our goal is to ensure a distraction free learning environment for all students in order to maximize learning opportunities.  Compliance with the Student Code of Conduct helps us achieve this important goal."

Any other schools doing the same thing? Should they be?


[Last modified: Thursday, September 6, 2012 3:53pm]


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