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Teacher layoffs: It's all in the perspective



pinkslip.jpgIn the spring, many Florida school districts announced they would let go hundreds if not thousands of teachers and other employees in the wake of declining revenue and increasing fixed costs.

They sent out pink slips, and former employees began looking for new jobs while hoping they might get back on with their districts.

Over the summer, many of them did just that. Thanks to resignations and retirements, many teachers and other school workers were rehired into new vacancies with their districts. Their old jobs remained eliminated.

In a story today, the Sunshine State News ("the right source for business and politics") questions the "unsubstantiated story" being put forth by the Florida Education Association that "thousands of teachers and support staff" will be laid off at public schools this fall.

The web site sets up the distinction that the layoff notices came in May, many people got a job and now districts have vacancies. It also distinguishes between teachers with "tenure" and those on annual contract, saying no one with a continuing contract was laid off.

"The state's largest district, Miami-Dade, is planning no reductions in instructional staff.

Dozens of smaller districts, including St. Lucie County, are reporting no staff reductions in either their teaching or nonteaching ranks.

Still, the teachers' union insists that big layoffs loom across the state."

Is it fair to talk about major layoffs when a job shuffle is what really happened? Does the Sunshine State News reveal a hole in the rhetoric?

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