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Teachers union president: Stop blaming teachers



Finger pointing From AFT President Randi Weingarten, in the latest issue of American Teacher:

There is a narrative seeping into policy discussions, and even mainstream public discourse, that all the shortcomings in public education can be attributed to "bad teachers." Whether it's that test scores aren't increasing fast enough, or dropout rates aren't decreasing fast enough, or the yawning achievement gap, there's a burgeoning effort to blame school woes on "bad teachers" and the unions, these tale-tellers say, that fight to keep them in the classroom ...

Instead of talking about the very real problems afflicting public education - overcrowded and under-resourced classrooms, lack of supports for struggling students, off-base "reforms," or any of the many harmful effects of widespread poverty - the idea that ineffective teachers are to blame for all that is wrong with education is increasingly driving public policy. That's why the debates in Washington, D.C., and in state governments, focus on things like teacher evaluations, high-stakes testing, eroding seniority provisions and stripping teachers of collective bargaining.

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