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Education news and notes from Tampa Bay and Florida

These folks really like SB 6 ...



Chester Finn, president of the Fordham Foundation: "Florida is now poised to take the next step. It’s no surprise that the teacher unions and their acolytes are doing everything in their power to defeat these measures. They do so in the name of “professionalism” but in fact they’re trying to protect an approach to school staffing that has more in common with the now-defunct steel industry and the ailing auto industry. The truth is that much solid research, mounting experience, improved data, and shifting public attitudes all point in the direction of HB 7189." Read his full remarks here.

Eric Hanushek, senior fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution and a leading teacher quality expert: "Florida legislators recognize that teacher quality is central to student outcomes. They also recognize that neither teacher experience nor graduate degrees bear any consistent relationship to student achievement. This legislation is simply putting policy where the evidence is. Florida is poised to lead the nation in crafting student policies. No wonder the fight is being fought so hard in the Florida House. This kind of precedent could sweep the nation. And then where would we be left? We would just have to make policies that were proven to support student learning." Full remarks here.

Former Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings: "I was president of Florida's Senate when the A+ Plan for Education was enacted in 1999. Opponents of the bill said it would ruin public schools. In fact, the reforms - school grades, school choice, cash bonuses for success - is largely credited by researchers from around the country with the remarkable turnaround in Florida's schools." Full remarks here.

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