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Thrasher: SB 6 'good for students, good for teachers and good for Florida'



As teachers, students, parents and others press Florida lawmakers to "nix six" and "kill the bill," the advocates of the measure to overhaul teacher pay, certification, evaluations and contracts are fighting back. Hard. 

Jeb Bush's foundation, for instance, put out a lengthy explanation of the bill Tuesday to counter the "misinformation" that has been swirling over SB 6.

Today Sen. John Thrasher, the bill's sponsor, has a defense in the St. Petersburg Times. He writes:

"Education isn't about politics. But over the past several weeks, opponents of an important piece of education legislation have utilized politics as a talking point in their widespread campaign of misinformation and fear tactics. • SB 6 is good for students, good for teachers and good for Florida."

How so? Here's one of his examples:

"Opponents would have you believe that the bill punishes teachers whose students are below grade level. The bill requires progress — what students learn during the year should be considered. Teachers can't control what their students know when they show up on the first day of school, but they do influence what they learn during the year in their class. In fact, measuring progress may benefit teachers who teach students with disabilities and low-performing students the most."

Want more? Read the entire piece. Then don't hold back.


[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:56am]


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