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Title I cuts trickle down to Pinellas



Here a cut, there a cut. From the latest Friday Update newsletter to the Pinellas school board:

On Nov. 4, the district received word from the Florida Department of Education that there has been a $163 million decrease in the national appropriation for Title I, Part A funds for fiscal year 2011. This decrease will result in a reduction of $9.5 million for Florida, an amount that will affect final fiscal award allocations for each district for this school year. (A document showing revised Title I, Part A allocations by district is included with this update as an attachment.) Programs that could be affected statewide include Title I, Part A Basic; School Improvement 1003(a); and Title I Corrective Action AYP Sanctions and Title I, Part A, Choice. The decrease also will require a reduction in the per pupil allocation for Supplemental Educational Services (SES). Here’s what this means for Pinellas:

• Title I Basic reduction of $364,257
• Title I School Improvement 1003(a) reduction of $74,246
• Corrective Action reduction of $6,787
Mr. Lawrence reports that the following actions have been taken in an effort to hold schools as harmless as possible:
• Title I, Part A Basic
 Title I administrative costs already were reduced by eliminating one supervisor position and one resource teacher position for a savings of $151,973.84.
 Costs for services to private schools were reduced by adjusting allocations to reflect the actual (rather than projected) number of eligible students for a savings of $212,283.16.
 The necessary reduction of $364,257 was made with no impact on school allocations or district set-asides for professional development, parental involvement or services for homeless and neglected and delinquent students.
• Title I School Improvement (1003)a
 The amount allocated for extended day and extended year programs was reduced for a savings of $74,246.
 Initial allocations for schools participating in a School Improvement Grant, which have not yet been received, were amended as follows:
 A reduction of $20,000 for Maximo and Melrose elementary schools ($114,000 to $94,000)
 A reduction of $11,415.33 for Sanderlin and Sandy Lane elementary schools ($84,782 to $73,366.67)
 A reduction of $11,415.33 for Imagine Charter of St. Petersburg ($56,268 to $44,852.66)
• Title I Corrective Action
 The amount allocated for supplemental instructional materials was reduced for a savings of $6,787.
 Initial allocations for participating schools, which have not yet been received, were amended as follows:
 A reduction of $3,393.50 for Azalea and Pinellas Park middle schools ($192,853 to $189,459.50)
Next steps include notifying schools of reduced allocations where applicable; and submission of budget amendment documents to the Department of Education by close of business on Nov. 21.

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