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Education news and notes from Tampa Bay and Florida

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ONE LAST LISTEN: The Pinellas School Board hears from parents again before sitting down to discuss how to proceed with student assignment. At least one board member indicates the parents' worries are registering.

Tb_hertravis_300 CLOTHES MAKE THE TEACHER: While teaching about the Civil War, Hernando teacher Dale Travis dressed the part, hoping his old-time attire might get kids more in the mood. (Times photo, Keri Wiginton)

GRAB IT: Finding appropriate land for new schools is a tough task in growing school districts like Pasco. So when they find some, officials are buying land to bank it for future construction.

NO VIOLATIONS HERE: On his way out the door, former USF administrator James Dragna accused his boss of misspending, mistreatment and discrimination. University officials investigated and, at least so far, they find nothing to support the accusations.

BUT POSSIBLE VIOLATIONS OVER THERE: The University of Miami looks to have improperly passed private student information to lenders without the students' permission, in the view of financial aid experts.

Florida's new education commissioner-select Eric J. Smith talked about wanting to work with, rather than against, teachers in moving the state's education reforms forward. That would be a welcome change after the Jeb Bush era, the Times editorializes.

Kids, like their parents, tend to naturally segregate themselves anyway. So the time has come to find a different answer than forced integration to solve the achievement gap and other education woes, columnist Bill Maxwell writes.

STUDENTS EARN A BEE: A Pompano Beach teacher and his students turn a bee attack at their school into an entomology lesson, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

GIFTED GROWING: Sarasota County plans to decentralize its gifted program, offering more high-level specialty programs at more schools, the Herald-Tribune reports.

GIVE A HUG: Teens are hugging a lot these days. Maybe too much for schools, though, which are making the kids stop because they clog up the hallways and take up too much time, the Chicago Tribune reports.

SCHOOL SHOOTING: A disgruntled student, upset about being suspended, opened fire on his Cleveland school, injuring four before killing himself, the NY Times reports.

CURTAIL CREDIT COMPANIES: U.S. PIRG, a consumer-advocacy group, says colleges and universities don't pay attention to deceptive credit card marketing to students, and they should crack down, the LA Times reports.

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