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Usf_3 BIG-TIME FOOTBALL. BIG DEAL: Well, USF has a Top 10-ranked football team. That certainly will draw national attention. But will it actually help the university's core academic mission? Depends who you ask.

TEACHER RAISES: Pinellas educators reach a deal for 4.7 percent more, and no increase in their insurance premiums.

BUDGET OK'D: Universities get cut, but also get permission to hike tuition and fees. Pre-k and K-12 also gets slashed, but not nearly as much as originally threatened. Gov. Crist appears ready to sign the whole package.

AUTOMATIC EXTENSIONS DROPPED: Once upon a time, Pasco County had trouble finding enough teachers. So it gave those in the state's 5-years-and-out retirement program extra years, essentially no questions asked. Things have changed now, and so has the district's extension policy.

DON'T FORGET THEM: Congress needs to keep children with disabilities in mind as it revamps No Child Left Behind, author and former Washington Post reporter Linda Perlstein writes in an op-ed piece.

RIPPED OFF: The Palm Beach school district is recommending criminal charges against a former school bookkeeper and investigating three other cases of financial wrongdoing, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

WHAT'S UP WITH THIS GUY? First, the Duval superintendent angers his board by completely ignoring its request that he not reorganize the administration. Now, he's publicly called on one of the members to resign, the Florida Times-Union reports. He must really want a new job.

IS IT STILL RECESS IF IT'S NOT FUN: If they even let kids play freely, more and more schools are banning the games and playground equipment that used to be the staples of recess, the Dallas Morning News reports.

KEEP IT CLEAN: Schools around the country, including Florida, are experiencing an outbreak of staph infections, especially among athletes, the AP reports.

DON'T DO THIS: A Seminole County seventh-grader is suspended from school for threatening classmates with a "kill list" and saying he was going to pull a "Virginia Tech," the Orlando Sentinel reports.

IMPROVE CONDITIONS - OR ELSE: Broward's technology support staff want better working conditions, and they expect to be taken seriously, the Miami Herald reports. ''We may not be thousands in number," the group's lead negotiator said, "but we can shut the district down."

Visit the Gradebook at noon for an interview with state Rep. John Legg, a charter school operator who sits on the House Schools and Learning Council. Legg talks about an effort by districts to gain exclusive control over charter schools.

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