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CRIST'S CHALLENGE: It's keeping accountability for Florida schools but making people like it better. The debates are in full swing over teacher quality and performance pay, improving the FCAT and more. The new governor needs to make it fall together.

They examine beetles. Occasionally they get to blow things up. Kindergartners at a Tampa elementary school get daily hands-on science lessons in an effort to catch them up to their international peers. Improving both science and math education is a priority for Gov. Charlie Crist, who recently announced the creation of the Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

IT'S NOT ONLY PUPPY LOVE: Eleven Florida high schools have adopted a "Love is not abuse" course to teach teens how to avoid a crush from turning tragic, the Miami Herald reports.

YOUR WHAT IS TOO SMALL? As books and bags have grown bigger and bulkier, locker sizes have stayed the same. Students in suburban Maryland are complaining that they need more space, the Washington Post reports.

CROSS AT YOUR OWN PERIL: Walking to high schools in Florida can be a risky venture. Unlike elementary and middle schools, they aren't protected in law with crossing zones. Some school districts, including Hillsborough and Palm Beach, are looking for change, the Palm Beach Post reports. But a bill in the Senate shows little chance of success, with no House companion.

MORE RIGOR: International Baccalaureate grows in Sarasota and Manatee counties as students and parents seek a tougher academic load, the Herald-Tribune reports.

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