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Tampa_aswing_2350669_2 HILLSBOROUGH CHOICE EVOLVES: Once focused on attracting students away from their home schools, the program now aims to improve the academics at schools that haven't made adequate yearly progress under No Child Left Behind. But that doesn't stop them from try to lure kids from the 'burbs, as Franklin Middle School's new golf academy shows. (Times photo, Brian Cassella)

SINGLE-GENDER CLASSES AT WORK: The girls aren't as shy. The boys are better behaved. And they're getting instruction that matches their needs. Splitting the boys and girls into separate classrooms at Westside Elementary in Hernando appears to be working.

MILLION-DOLLAR PRESIDENT: The University of Florida may have a hiring freeze and other methods to save money in tight financial times. But that's not stopping president Bernie Machen from seeing his salary rise to more than $1-million by 2011, the AP reports.

LOSING MILLIONS: Schools and other governments would face major cuts if voters approve a Jan. 29 constitutional amendment changing Florida's property tax structure, the Palm Beach Post reports.

LOSING MILLIONS, PART 2: A housing slump in central Florida has slowed to a trickle the amount of impact fees coming to area school districts, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

THE KIDS WITH THE SUPERINTENDENT'S EAR: Student council leaders have a good amount of swing with the Palm Beach superintendent, who takes their views into consideration when recommending district policy. Their influence only grows stronger within their school walls, the Palm Beach Post reports.

HER COLLEAGUES AREN'T SO SURE: A Port St. Lucie city council member has proposed giving financial incentives to lure private schools to the city. Other council members aren't necessarily keen on using tax dollars help competition to the tax-supported public school system, the Stuart News reports.

WHY ONE PERCENT? Collier County is rich, right? So why is the school district offering teachers such a meager raise? The Naples Daily News asks the questions, and reports on the answers.

THE "MOST NEGATIVE BRAND IN AMERICA": Democrats running for president position themselves against the No Child Left Behind law, making bipartisan efforts to refashion the law impossible, the NY Times reports.

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