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Asecti_evoluti_2462395 TEACHING EVOLUTION: Florida science teachers who agreed to be interviewed - and it wasn't a lot of them who did - say the battle over evolution is much more heated outside the classroom than in it. (Times photo, Ron Thompson)

OTHER OPTIONS: Pinellas private schools grow as parents move away from the public system. For those who stick with the system, here's a Q&A about the new school choice plan.

HELPING HAND: Crossing guard Gloria Smith rules the road outside Longleaf Elementary in Pasco.

BOUNDARY JUMPERS: Using an anonymous tip line and a demographer-investigator, the Palm Beach school district cracks down on parents who lie about where they live to get the school of their choice, the Sun-Sentinel reports. So far, the district has snagged 176 liars.

FAKE LOSSES: Florida schools most likely will see smaller than expected increases - and not real losses - in their funding as a result of Amendment 1, so officials should spare us the complaining, Sun-Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo writes.

THE WRONG MESSAGE? Okaloosa advertises an athletic director/football coach job with a salary of $85,000 - more than many principals - launching a debate over whether sports or academics is more important to the school district, the Northwest Florida Daily News reports. The eventual job winner got more than $91,000, by the way.

GET MOVING: The U.S. Department of Justice tells the Osceola School Board to draw new single-member districts, as approved by voters just last week, quickly or face a federal lawsuit, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

OPTING OUT: The Lakeland Ledger's religion editor writes a column suggesting that schools should allow students to opt out of evolution lessons as a way to get past the dispute that's been brewing in the state over the subject.

SOPHISTICATED STUFF: It's not your father's science fair anymore, as student projects get more and more cutting edge, the Herald-Tribune reports.

LET THE KIDS DECIDE: Deltona High asks students how to spend $26,000 remaining from last year's school recognition funds, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports.

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