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Old_computer_image_2 TIME FOR AN UPGRADE: The Pasco school district has talked about replacing its operating side software for more than a decade but has always found a reason not to act. With a price tag of at least $8-million, it could balk again. But leaders say the time has finally come, as the district has outgrown its aging system.

ADDING AT THE TOP: Hernando School Board members question superintendent Wayne Alexander's request to add another top-level district administrator at a time when they're trying to do more with less.

OVERSTEPPING: The Florida Taxation and Budget Reform Commission went too far in pushing for amendments that would make it easier for the state to pay for education vouchers, the Times editorializes.

TOP OF THE CLASS - PASCO: Kids aim to decorate Google gallery (Centennial Middle); Students write to authors, authors write back (Ridgewood High)

CONFLICT OF INTEREST: The Florida Education Association sends a letter to the Taxation and Budget Reform Commission suggesting at least seven commission members should recuse themselves from votes on voucher-related measures, the Buzz reports.

SECURITY BREACH: A Marianna high school sophomore faces a misdemeanor charge after being accused of taking pictures of the FCAT exam and showing them to his friends a day later, the Jackson County Floridian reports.

SARASOTA SEEKS SUPERINTENDENT: Gary Norris is out, headed to Iowa, and the Sarasota board wants to find a reformer much like him, the Herald-Tribune reports.

MIAMI-DADE AMONG THE WORST: A new national report puts Miami-Dade near the bottom of urban districts when it comes to graduation rates, the Miami Herald reports. There is a move, as we mentioned yesterday, to standardize the way all states count graduates and dropouts.

CLOSED DOORS: Florida high school seniors are finding it harder to get accepted to state universities, with community colleges becoming the only sure thing, the Miami Herald reports.

BREAKING CODE: Advertising signs along the fence of a Boca Raton high school generate cash, but also appear to violate the county sign ordinance, the Palm Beach Post reports.

BUDGET EFFORTS: Like it or not, the Legislature is going to cut education spending, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reports. At least one county - Flagler - is aiming to cut programs to preserve jobs, the News-Journal also reports.

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