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ThermometerIS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE? Hillsborough superintendent MaryEllen Elia proposes bumping up district thermostats by 2 degrees as one of several cost-saving measures aimed at cutting spending by $15-million.

SEEKING A SUPERINTENDENT: Pinellas School Board members have differing views on how to go about replacing Clayton Wilcox. On one thing they agree, though - they need to have someone in place fast.

SO THE ECONOMY IS BAD: Hernando superintendent Wayne Alexander wants a 14 percent raise anyway.

LEAVE SCIENCE TO THE EXPERTS: Florida lawmakers need to stick their noses out of the science curriculum and stop the "academic freedom" bills now, the Times editorializes.

DON'T START COUNTING YET: A proposal to give Pasco $10-million to resolve a longstanding dispute over who pays for road improvements outside schools still has a long way to go before becoming reality. But it should prompt local officials to work out their differences, the Times editorializes.

The Taxation and Budget Reform Commission revives a proposal to let voters decide whether school vouchers belong enshrined in the Florida Constitution, the Palm Beach Post reports.

EASIER THAN LAYOFFS: The Collier school district has a larger than usual number of teachers who aren't seeing their annual contracts renewed, the Naples Daily News reports. The Manatee school district has principals release all 187 one-year contract employees, the Herald-Tribune reports.

BUY AMERICAN: A Lee School Board member complains that the district is paying workers from India to do a job that he thinks should remain local, the Naples Daily News reports. "We buy Ford automobiles here, we try to buy American," Bob Chilmonik said to the board. "If there is a possibility to keep jobs here, I think we should."

TOUGHEST IN THE NATION: Florida's anti-bullying law would be the most sweeping in the country if it passes the Legislature, CBS News reports.

SORRY, BUT A RULE IS A RULE: Palm Beach superintendent Art Johnson has strict guidelines about high school graduation speeches, including one that bans guest speakers. So Supreme Court justice (and parent) Barbara Pariente can just sit in the audience for Dreyfoos School of the Arts, the Palm Beach Post reports.

NO SURPRISES HERE: A new study shows that kids use text-messaging emoticons and shortcuts in their schoolwork, but that it's really not a big deal.

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