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IS THAT A GUN IN YOUR BOOK BAG? Gun advocates have started the argument that if more Virginia Tech students were packing heat, the death count from last week's massacre might be lower. Others suggest that's a ludicrous thought. But it appears time for the debate on concealed weapons laws for colleges and universities. Only Utah allows it now.

LIFE LESSONS: To eighth graders, $7 an hour might seem like a lot of money. A new program in Hernando County teaches them how quickly that money is gone in the real world. The goal is to show the kids - especially those thinking about dropping out - the value of an education vs. that of the low pay they'd get in a low-end job.

MORE GREEN SCHOOLS: Pasco County also is building more environmentally sensitive schools (yesterday we told you about Pinellas County's effort), with one elementary going green when it opens in January and another on the books.

TABOO TATTOOS: Pasco teachers will have to meet a community standard for their visible tattoos and piercings, if the School Board adopts a proposed policy on professional appearance. Leaders in other districts say they wouldn't follow that lead - especially without negotiating with the teachers union.

House and Senate budget makers agree in principle to increase the per-student funding level by $457, the Associated Press reports. The Orlando Sentinel reports that most of the new money will come from local property taxes.

STILL NOT ENOUGH: Students might get more funding, but is there enough money for teacher raises? Broward County is finding the answer to be "no" as it enters a new round of contract negotiations, the Sun-Sentinel reports. The union frets that after all this time, only a handful of its 37,000 teachers have surpassed the $100,000 pay level.

Florida needs an education commissioner who "does not burn incense and chant every time the FCAT is mentioned," the Palm Beach Post says.

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