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PUSHING FOR NEW STANDARDS: Dissatisfied with the "intellectual incest" of the Florida Sunshine State Standards, GOP lawmakers want to go global, rewriting the standards to "world-class" levels. Detractors call the idea "silly" and say it misses the mark on what's needed in education, the Herald-Tribune reports. Count the Times editorial board among the latter group: "If this is the path to world-class education, maybe Florida can wait," the Times opines.

TO WALK, OR NOT TO WALK: The Pasco School Board has stood nearly alone in Florida in requiring seniors to have passed the exit-level exam if they want to walk at graduation. It's poised to change that rule next week. The advisory council of the county's only D-rated high school is not pleased.

DUMB COLLEGE STUDENTS: The USF freshmen were bored after playing frisbee on a Saturday afternoon. So they set off a dry ice bomb - basicially dry ice and water in a plastic bottle -  in an open field on campus. Their impromptu chemistry experiment, once considered a prank at many colleges, got them suspended from school and now they face five years in prison.

HILLSBOROUGH LOOKS AT BUDGET: The School Board considers cuts to courtesy busing, travel and administrative hiring to keep spending in line.

ALL THIS FOR $9.75 AN HOUR: School crossing guards brave whizzing traffic in some of the more dangerous intersections to get kids to campus safely. No wonder Hillsborough can't fill all the positions.

A DIRTY JOB: A custodian talks about cleaning the bathrooms after classes end at a Tampa-area high school.

WANT LUNCH? HOLD OUT YOUR HAND: And give a fingerprint. The Seminole County school district is testing the fingerprint identification system in one elementary school cafeteria. If it works well, the district is looking to expand the system county-wide, and not just in lunch rooms, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

DON'T CUFF 'EM: The Milwaukee, Wis., school district is rethinking a policy that would have let officers use flexible handcuffs to restrain out-of-control students. The unsurprising reason: Parents complained, the Journal-Sentinel reports.

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