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Today's students are turned off by an uninspiring education system, noted educator writes



Here's some food for thought from Calvin Mackie, an author, speaker, former engineering professor and technology entrepreneur. He begins his guest column for CNN with the provocative idea that "education is useless." He continues:

"In America, the education system has moved away from developing citizens to serve their fellow man to the unadulterated pursuit of standardized success at any cost. Mixed in with a sea of social change and celebrity obsession, somehow we’ve all lost sight of the goal of education: creating passionate students who are employable, teachable and adaptable in a dynamic world. Students are turned off for a number of reasons right now.

"To get back on track, we must recognize that education is useless if students aren’t thirsty for it!"

Mackie suggests that schools, parents and the community must change the conversation about education to one of teaching children to think and desire and develop themselves. Only then will they care about what the schools are providing. Read the full column here. Then discuss, if you wish, how the system can accomplish this goal while still working toward the accountability that so many people say they want to maintain and improve in the schools. Is Mackie on to something? Or just wishful?

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 6:37am]


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