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Untucked shirts and no shirts: The things kids get suspended for



We ran across two talker stories about students who got in trouble at school for reasons that some might question. We share them here so you can weigh in.

Case 1: Danielle O'Neal and the untucked shirt

The Huffington Post shares the tale of a North Carolina middle school student -- a good kid by the principal's own account -- who got suspended for wearing her shirt untucked, against school rules. Policy states all shirts and blouses must be tucked in, and hers hung a few inches below the belt line. "She's a good kid," principal Lisa Jackson is quoted as saying, "but my job is to make sure students follow our school's Code of Conduct, which includes the dress code adopted by the Board of Education."

The parents, needless to say, are irked. "My concern is she was being taken away from her education. A shirttail was being put before her education," mother Michelle O’Neal told WNCT. "That’s not right."

Case 2: The kids and the iPad

Gizmodo relates the story of four Indiana seventh-grade boys who, given their teacher's iPad to use for a project, discovered partially clad photos of the teacher in the iPhoto application, which they weren't supposed to use. The boys face expulsion for accessing the material, the local Herald Bulletin reports. Parents are wondering why the photos were on the school-issued tablet in the first place.

Gizmodo, noting the school district position that the iPads were new technology requiring stricter protocols, snarkily offers, "So just to clarify: the school openly doesn't know how iPads work or how to regulate them, but is suspending four of its students for... not knowing how iPads work. Or, even worse, for knowing how to use them better than their supervisors."

Should the kids in either incident face suspension or worse? Read the links, share your views.

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