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USF Poly claims separation won't cost extra money



A day after University of South Florida trustees grilled USF Polytechnic's regional vice chancellor, Marshall Goodman, about pushes to separate USF Poly from the USF system, USF Poly released this list of "frequently asked questions" regarding the possible split. (See attached below.)

What's most intriguing is that USF Poly says a split won't cost any extra money. Under the USF umbrella, USF Poly benefits from millions in shared services, for things like legal representation, computer software and marketing. USF Poly does buy into those things, as the FAQs point out, but it's an economies of scale situation; It's more efficient to incur legal services for one whole system rather than a bunch of separate ones.

Still, USF Poly puts it this way:

USF Polytechnic currently has its own budget separate and apart from USF. Transitioning to an independent university would require no further recurring/operating dollars at this time. USF Polytechnic will reprioritize current funds to cover any costs associated with independence and transition. Certainly, as it continues to grow and further develop, additional funding may become necessary. However, that would be the case regardless of becoming an independent university.
USF Polytechnic currently receives numerous “shared” services from USF System. USF Poly currently pays the main campus for those services and that would continue to happen during a transition. USF Poly is very interested in a shared services model where it utilizes appropriate existing services already available within the state. Certain shared services would continue to be purchased from USF System or from one of the other SUS institutions.
The funds provided to each institution in the SUS are those of the State and the taxpayers, not those of the individual institutions.

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