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Alexander_pics_001....Alexander Flores, a sixth grader at Cambridge Christian School in central Tampa. Alexander, 11, just got back from Washington DC, where he followed President Obama's inauguration from the Junior Presidential Youth Inaugural Conference. He spoke with Letitia Stein about the experience.

Why did you want to go to the Inauguration?

I wanted to go to the Inauguration to see history being made.

What events did you attend?

I went to the Inauguration and we want to the gala ball at the University of Maryland. We had three speakers, one was Erik Weihenmayer. Also we got retired Gen. Colin L. Powell. Also we got to hear from Al Gore.

What was most exciting and why?

It was probably the Inauguration, because there was so many people there and everybody was excited to hear President Obama get sworn in.

Where were you standing?

I was standing by the Washington Monument. We saw it from a jumbo-tron, but because there were so many crowds. We didn’t get to go where we were supposed to.

Did you learn anything to come back and shared with your classmates?

No, I really didn’t learn anything that I didn’t already know.

(Mother Bethany Flores chimes in: He’s a big history buff and he reads incessantly and watches news and TV and military channel and history channel so much. He pretty much knew what he was going to be experience.)

Did you get to see President Obama?

Not in person, but he did go to our ball. When he did, I was getting a drink of water.

What are your thoughts in general on the Inauguration?

It was a good experience. There was a lot of people and it was very cold.

Was it what you expected?

There was so many crowds you could barely get anywhere without losing your group. I thought it would be like fun, not as big as a carnival and formal, like not everybody going crazy.

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