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What does tweak mean?



Six weeks after Gov. Charlie Crist was sworn into office, education observers are still wondering where exactly he's headed on school policy. As he did on the campaign trail, the new guv continues to say he supports measurement and accountability. But then again, he continues to use words like "tweak" and "amend." Until Crist rolls out more details, the only thing better than reading tea leaves may be this report from his transition team.

How's this for a thumb sucker: "Our conversations with citizens and stakeholders throughout the education system revealed a need to communicate Florida's recent reforms in K-12 education more effectively to the public. Also, many stakeholders in the state expressed a desire and readiness to be more directly involved in the process of education reform. Because continued progress in education depends upon the active support of students, parents, teachers, and local communities, (our emphasis added) there now exists an opportunity to mobilize their efforts more fully in Florida's ongoing efforts at school reform."

Hmmmmm. It's hard to hear Jeb saying that. But before you get ahead of yourself, Crist's office cautions: The report is "a DRAFT of the Governor's proposed initiatives from the transition." In other words, take all the interesting ideas about school grades, poorly performing teachers, etc., with a grain of salt.

Before we forget: There's plenty of higher ed stuff in the report, too, including a tantalizing tie between the class-size amendment and university funding.

- Ron Matus, state education reporter

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:14am]


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