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What? No more journalism?



The world of newspapers may look bleak today, but does the Florida Department of Education have to push it further to the precipice?

That's a concern raised today by Sun-Sentinel columnist Ralph De La Cruz, who spent his weekend at a regional high school journalism meeting where the buzz was that the state no longer would include the subject in its practical/performing arts requirement. Meaning, at least to many in attendance, that fewer kids would take the course.

De La Cruz blames the FCAT:

If expectations were legitimately high, legislators and the state Board of Education would spend as much class time and resources on programs that push the high-achievers and the creative to new heights as they do on programs helping low-achievers pass a standardized test.

Money would flow into the arts and music. Debate. Broadcasting and webcasting. Journalism.

Instead, he notes, the minute the state decides not to test something, the funding and the interest wanes. Don't believe it? Just recall how music teachers pressed for a music FCAT just to get their area back into the main.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 9:58am]


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