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What's going on?



Ragusa_2 Spack Marinelli
You knew the question had to come, with three female teachers arrested for on charges of having sex with students in such short order.

"What's going on there?" the Today show asked this morning, to lead into a 2-1/2-minute story on the Tampa area's school sex scandal. (Video here.)

Lafave_2 The show talked about Stephanie Ragusa, Mary Jo Spack and Lisa Marinelli (shown above, left to right), not to mention the now infamous Debra Lafave (left).

And so, too, it turns out, are lots of folks around the bay area. Which meant it was only a matter of time before the bad jokes started rolling in.

Thanks to 98Rock for perhaps the most bawdy and irreverent take on the subject. It's begun a contest to see who can guess which school will make headlines next.

Black The Buckethead Show on 98Rock touts the "school pool" on its web site, complete with photos of Lafave, Marinelli and others. Listeners are asked to pick which high school will be next; whether the next implicated teacher will be a woman or a man (let's not forget Thomas J. Anderson from Seminole High and Michael Aaron Black (right) from Pasco Middle); and what subject they teach.

Winners, the website says, will be given "cash for new school supplies and maybe some 'private tutoring' of your own ;-)."

The idea, Buckethead tells the Gradebook, is just to "have a few laughs" with the situation. Everybody likes to guess what the next one will be, he observes. All joking aside, Buckethead adds, the national notoriety isn't all that: "It's always nice to be known for something. I just don't think this is the thing we want to be known for."

- Ron Matus and Jeff Solochek

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