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Why did Charlie Crist veto SB 6 (really)?



The sober-minded USF education historian Sherman Dorn offers his realism-tinged view of Thursday's momentous veto, bursting political bubbles along the way.

"(P)eople are spinning this as the Event that Destroyed Florida Education, or the Victory of the Union(s), or the Resuscitation of Crist's Senate Campaign," Dorn writes in his blog. "Whoa, friends, and maybe you should take a step back. Here are the reasons why Crist vetoed the bill:

  • Thousands of Floridians from both major parties contacted Crist to urge a veto.
  • His sisters who teach probably told him they hated the bill.
  • The Republican legislators and former Governor Bush who were pushing the bill had largely sided against him in the primary against Marco Rubio.
  • Crist prefers consensual processes."
Dorn then goes on to pick apart simpler suggestions, and to discuss where the debate might go from here. Lots of solid stuff here. Check it out. He's probably on to something.

[Last modified: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 10:58am]


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