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'Will there be a high school for us?'



This student-written article is from the most recent edition of The Paw Print, the student newspaper at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental Middle School:

Will you have the choice? The school board has a big decision to make, this time it especially affects us as fundamental middle school students.

Right now there are 852 eighth graders that are guaranteed a spot at Osceola High, although only 450 students are actually getting in. And if you are a student like Rebekkah Williamson, a seventh grader at Thurgood Marshall Fundamental School, this is a big disappointment.

"I really want to be in the safety zone of a fundamental school," says Rebekkah. "I'm glad there are strict discipline guidelines, and I know that my peers and my safety are ensured." Olivia Gibson, also a seventh grade student at Thurgood, agrees with Rebekkah. "We have rules and our school is safe, unlike some others," Olivia says.

Why do we need another fundamental school? Along with providing a safe environment, reports have shown that fundamental schools consistently produce the lowest number of suspensions in our d istrict, transportation costs are lowered in the fundamental system, and fundamental schools save the district money.

Fundamental schools, like other schools, also provide a way to form close friendships.

Brendan Garrison likes the fundamental system, but he is more focused on his close friends and plans to choose a high school wit hthem. "I love friends and want to graduate with all my close friends," says Brendan.

When asked her feelings about going to a fundamental high school, Rebekkah said, "I would be upset if I didn't get in. I really want to be in the safety zoneof a fundamental school."

Hopefully we can assure Rebekkah, along with many other students, their choice to go to a fundamental high school.

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