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Education news and notes from Tampa Bay and Florida

Is your definition of school reform the same as the politicians' definition?



The "reformers" in Tallahassee and around the country talk about testing, value-added evaluations, vouchers.

Many of those issues barely ripple with parents, who concern themselves more with their individual child's experiences and academics.

Here's what Philadelphia education activist Helen Gym has to say

"While we talk about building an experienced, stable and professional teaching force where teachers are prepared with a depth of knowledge in their subject areas and are committed to the profession, others talk about relying on a temporary teaching force or focusing on education managers.

"While we talk about sustainable change based upon policies that have been proved to work, politicians and the private sector demand dramatic and disruptive changes that do little to significantly improve children's educational experiences.

"And in this lies the critical difference between what many parents see as their hopes for a quality school system and the politicians and billionaire venture philanthropists dominating the education reform landscape. The latter have become so enamored with the structure and management of education that they've forgotten the substance and practice of it."

Agree with her?

[Last modified: Sunday, June 12, 2011 7:46am]


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