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Florida DOE hasn't released original grade data



On a narrow vote last week, Florida's Board of Education agreed to pad school grades for 2013, extending a "safety net" that prevents multi-letter drops in one year. Three board members gave a spirited argument against the decision, with Sally Bradshaw saying that it essentially hid the truth about school performance from the public.

Bradshaw said any reporter or parent in the state could ask for the data before the padding and learn what the grades should be for 2013. The Gradebook did just that last week.

So far, the state Department of Education has released a statewide overview of what the grades would be without the padding, which shows a drop in the number of A's from 1,242 to 756. But despite daily requests for the information, state education officials haven't released a school-by-school breakdown, which would show how each school fared under the original grading formula. The state hasn't denied the public records request, but it hasn't filled it yet either.

The official 2013 school grades, which will reflect the decision to pad, are expected by the end of the month.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 2:44pm]


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