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Inventory problems plague Pasco County schools

Pasco County schools own more than 76,000 items worth more than $750, worth about $161 million in total. The bulk of those pieces of tangible personal property -- almost 75 percent -- are computers and computer support.

And more than $500,000 worth of that equipment is missing, according to a recently released in-house audit.

School Board members called the report "troubling" as they reviewed it Tuesday, deeming it unacceptable to not know where so much technology has disappeared to. The issue becomes more critical, chairwoman Joanne Hurley said, knowing the district has moved to a computer leasing system.

If leased items can't be found, Hurley observed, the district becomes more financially liable when it moves to exchange older pieces for new.

Computer equipment is not all that's gone missing. The audit report details how several musical instruments in the inventory have passed from school to school through informal borrowing, with no one able to determine ultimately where some of the instruments landed. Here's an example:

King Silver Sousaphone (90063715) purchased in 2009 with an acquisition cost of $4,249 - item was marked found on the 2014 inventory
- The [Anclote High] band instructor stated that this instrument was on loan to Land O' Lakes High School, however our follow up procedures disclosed that the item was not at the school. As of June 5, 2015, audit staff spoke to several band instructors and they were certain that the item is at Land O' Lakes High. The Land O' Lakes band instructor was not able to definitely identify the item. It is not currently know whether the item was located or not. Again, TPP transfers must be documented. 

Superintendent Kurt Browning said he is adding two inventory control specialists in the district office, and purchasing new inventory tracking software, "so we don't have any questions or doubts about where the machines are. ... It has been addressed."

Board members said they would continue to monitor the situation for improvement.

[Last modified: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 1:53pm]


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