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Our suspended agenda for Hillsborough



No suspended agenda was posted for this afternoon's Hillsborough County School Board meeting. As we get ready for the 3 p.m. meeting, here is our list of things that the public might want to know about.

1. AC repairs. Several times in the last week, an item has been posted, moved and withdrawn from the agenda about $40 million in air conditioning repairs. Essentially, it would have amounted to spending money the district has not even borrowed yet. Is that plan still a go?

2. Gibson Report. A workshop was tentatively scheduled for Oct. 11 to discuss phase two of the efficiency study. Does that mean the report has arrived? If not, when? And speaking of efficiency, it would be great to get a clear update on how many jobs have been cut and will be cut, and what affect those cuts have on the schools -- if any.

3. Universal restrooms and faith-based partnerships. Opponents to the universal restrooms, who might heed Terry Kemple's call and speak this afternoon, do not want the district to encourage students to embrace a transgender lifestyle. Critics of the faith-based partnerships believe the district is still allowing too much marketing on the part of large churches such as Idlewild Baptist. At the same time, Idlewild has stepped up in its volunteer activities, which include both campus beautification and secular tutoring and mentoring. 

4. SpringBoard: Does the district's survey satisfy complaints from teachers, parents and board members about the College Board products for English and math? 

5. Race and poverty. We look forward to an update on the district's efforts to improve teaching and learning at its highest-poverty schools, especially the seven that have been given the Elevate label. On the issue of racial disparities in discipline, the district has not yet released its annual expulsion and change of placement report, which is broken down by school and by race. In most years, it appears as an agenda item during  summer. Last year it was sent directly to School Board members in August.

Look for live tweets.



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