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SAC funding is cut in Hillsborough



School advisory councils will no longer get money from the Hillsborough County School District, members are now learning.

SAC's, as they are called, are support groups made up of the school's principal, staff, parents and community members. They have an important role in drafting the school improvement plans that are forwarded to the state. They also vote on how to spend bonus money. 

This letter from the district's chief business officer, Gretchen Saunders, explains where they money came from before and where things stand now:

Good Afternoon.

We wanted to provide you with the latest funding information regarding our School Advisory Council (SAC) teams.  

In the spring of 2009, the legislature rolled out the State budget and one of the funding issues included the decision not to fund the School Advisory Council (SAC) teams.    Our schools were still mandated to write School Improvement plans, which included the school goals and other requirements.  Each year since then we have "found" dollars to pay for this function. Where did we find the money?  We originally used dollars generated from our bank account interest earnings and were only able to pay to the school teams $5 per student instead of the original state allocation of $10 per student.

When interest rates dropped, the decision was made to reduce the per pupil funding to $3 per student and we would utilize dollars generated from the Office Depot contract rebate.  Once the Office Depot contract termed out we started providing the funding to schools based on Pepsi money.  As Pepsi funding ceased, we no longer had a revenue source for the SAC teams.  

As your team plans for this year, please know you can use your Internal Accounts funds or other outside money to help with this program.
Please let us know if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions.

Again,  thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gretchen Saunders

Chief Business Officer

Hillsborough County Public Schools


A few more details about this ongoing story about teacher vacancies and job cuts:

Van Ayres, the district's deputy superintendent, will head up the stakeholder committee that will determine which employees will be asked to fill the teaching vacancies. The committee will be far broader than the three-member group (Alberto Vazquez, Gretchen Saunders and Stephanie Woodford) that now scrutinizes new hires. The larger group will include district employees at numerous levels, including teachers.

Ayres' committee has not yet begun to meet, but is expecting to deliever its results in early 2017.

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