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Haggard wins week, tying some guy named TomKehum, and hangs on to overall lead in the HomeTeam Pick-Em



Don Haggard is on a roll, and some guy named TomKehum was just as good as both fellas went 19-1 this week, missing only the Indian Rocks Christian upset of Admiral Farragut to capture top honors this week in the HomeTeam Pick-Em.

TomKehum is a newcomer. His name bears a striking resemblance to last week's winner, Tom Ketchum, who is second overall.

Oh, wait. Maybe Tom Ketchum spelled his name wrong? Could that be it? Have I overlooked the obvious?

Let's see, he put his picks in last Wednesday at 8:32 p.m., which happened to be the exact time a commercial break aired during the X-Factor, which was holding it's very popular boot camp show. He had two minutes to put in his picks, which he suddenly remembered as the judges picked their favorite performers. 

"Pick him, Demi, pick him....pick him? Pick 'em? OH MY GOD, PICK-EM!!!!'' he yells, flipping open his laptop and closing out the window that was playing a Demi Lovato video earlier.

In his haste, he left out not ONE letter in his name....but TWO! That can be easily explained by the need to reheat his Hungry Man TV dinner for 15 seconds, since he had originally heated it during the 8:11 commercial break. But unable to rise from his coach (microfiber, beige) because he was googling "Demi Lovato video", the dinner (turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes with an apple cobbler dessert) went cold. Had he taken his dinner out at the first commercial break, he would have only left out ONE letter: TomKetcum.


So yes, last week's winner, Tom Ketchum, tied Don Haggard for back-to-back wins, and I believe his third of the season, which is ridiculous.

However, Haggard holds on to his slim overall lead.

Some other notes:

* I'm lurking, people. Lurking! I went 18-2, and so did the surprising rookie, Alejandro Tamayo, and thorn in my side Matt Baker, and bigger thorn: Skurdhidingid.

* It was the usual crew dominating this week, with strong showings by Csmack, JarrodSmith, JeffOdom, JustinMiller and Mary Krause. Naturally, all of them are avid readers of my stuff, who then use the knowledge gleaned to try and defeat me. But you don't ever beat the teacher, kids. Ever.

* Poor Neutral Observer. Really, dude, 15-5? He told me earlier in the week he thought the picks were tough, and I guess they were. For him.

* Derek LaRiviere and Cards64 used to be contenders for the overall title. Then last week happened.

* And, uh, I'm not one to call out names to humiliate people and point out that Andy Embody was 10-10, and former champion RonCanMultiTask was 11-9, so I won't.

* Hasselhoff did not submit picks last week, which is too bad as it drops him from the running for overall title. Sniff. 

Here last week's results:



And here's the overall standings:




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