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Hasselhoff, @RonCanMultiTask surge to Hometeam Pick-Em lead




One came from Twitter, the other our comments section, but they do have something in common: picking briliance!

Okay, I would never describe Hasselhoff as brilliant.  In his case, maybe lucky is a better word. Ron, he might actually be smart.

Both guys/gals went 12-3 in the first week of the first-ever HomeTeam Pick-Em, topping 28 other pickers.

Hasselhoff was tripped up by Northside Christian, a 59-0 loser (someone told me that game was actually televised....that's not true is it?), Dunedin and River Ridge, but did nail the upset pick of the week with Strawberry Crest. Eight others also picked the Chargers, so well done.

Ron multitasked his way to misses on Dunedin, Plant City and Alonso.

The two took a one-game advantage over six others in what proved to be a tough week for many. I mean, commentor extraordanaire Neutral Observer embarrassed himself by checking in under .500 with a 7-8 mark, and he was joined by the abrasive and critical Philo and long-time commentor CSmack, who is up for Hall of Fame induction next year. If those three can't even hit the .500 mark, what chance do the rest of us mere mortals have?

I went 9-6 by the way. I'm right where I want to be.

Some others notes:

1. Only three people picked Jesuit to beat Plant. Two of them play football for Carrollwood Day School, but I won't (Andy and Jarrod) embarrass them here (Embody and Smith) by throwing their names out. Just not how I operate.
2. Seven people thought Leto would beat Blake.
3. East Lake was a 20-11 favorite by pickers. 
4. In what has to be the WORST pick of all time, 14 of you fools took Northside Christian. You were only 60 points off from getting that one right.
5. Don't forget to make EVERY pick, people. Some people (Hound Dog Man) left one blank (Plant City/Crest) or they could have also had 12 picks correct. But would the Hound Dog have picked Crest? Probably not.
6. I score this by hand. It's all very rudimentary. So check your picks. I'm about as close to perfect as anyone who has ever been created, but sometimes I get distracted by kids, Twitter or shiny objects. And not necessarily in that orde. The last time, however, I relied on Excel, some guy who claimed to be an expert ending up making my brain explode. Again, not publicly calling out Matt Baker, not even saying it was him, but if it was him, I wouldn't call him out. I'm just saying.
7. Speaking of Baker, he went 11-4, but if you don't count messing up the picks in the counties he actually covers (he went 1-2 in Pasco and Hernando), he was an impressive 10-2 in the other counties.

***NOTE: OH NOOOOOOES!!!!! According to Tom Ketchum, he was 13-2, and his email backs him up. I'm not sure why or how I missed his email, but I did. It could have something to do with getting to bed at 6 a.m. and 6:45 a.m. the last two mornings doing video, and then trying to get this up quickly while still groggy. Oh well. Thankfully, we will be addressing the issue of handscoring things this week. Woo hoo! I think one of our pickers is coming up with a computer program to do this. 

I'm not rewriting this whole dang post and I can't change the headline or the links I have tweeted out will go bad, so therefore, I'm putting Tom up top of the list, but he'll have to settle for us pretending he doesn't exist in this blogpost. And if you three winners wanna email me addresses, I'll even send you out some HomeTeam tee-shirts. You have until TUESDAY AT NOON or you're outta luck.***

Tom Ketchum 13-2  

@RonCanMultiTask 12-3 

Hasselhoff 12-3 

Don Haggard 11-4
Matt Baker 11-4
Hound Dog Man 11-4
Andy Warrener 11-4
Alejandro Tamayo 11-4
Dave Richtberg 11-4
Lawrence Travis 10-5
Joe Joe 10-5
Dad7 10-5
FlaFisherGal 10-5
FlaFBFan 10-5
Jarrod Smith 10-5
Will Steele 10-5
Skurdhidingid 10-5
G. Puskas 9-6
Kyle Bennett 9-6
Cotey 9-6 
Andy Embody 9-6
DrakeU55 9-6
Derek LaRiviere 9-6
Raysfan123 8-7
Ja_La_MM 8-7
Justin Miller 8-7
Truth Bros. 8-7
Scott Davey 7-8 
Neutral Observer 7-8 
Philo 7-8 
Csmack 7-8 




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