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Bob Putnam, Rodney Page, Kelly Parsons

HomeTeam Pick-Em, FINAL FOUR: The glass slipper shatters, but Justin Miller wins a t-shirt.



(First of all, apologies for the delay. I'd like to blame it on having a life, with more important things to do, trying to save the newspaper industry and all, but I did spend my Monday writing a column about a guy's ponytail, so guess I can't use that excuse. So how about this: better late than never? Maybe some emoticons to sweeten the pot? 

No. 20 Matt Baker, who covers high school football for a living, lost to a sweet little old lady who has a son who still plays Dungeons and Dragons or something like it and doesn't even live in Tampa Bay.

No. 19 Derek LaRiviere, who also coves high school football, lost to the dad of a CCC player who had no choice but to pick againt his best interests in favor of his son's team, which let's be real, had very little chance to win. Despite all that, despite all but throwing away four picks, he managed to stretch things to the third tiebreaker and beat LaRiviere.

And No. 17 Jarrod Smith, who plays high school football in the area, lost to a guy who is a Kentucky basketball fan.

The three of you losers...well, I'm just shaking my head right now.

But to Mary Krause (the Baker butcher, as I like to call her, who scored a playoff-high 14 points), Larry Thompson (who LaBeat LaRiviere) and Ron (One and Done) Mitchell, as well as everyone's favorite Tom Ketchum (who defeated @RonCanMultitask), I say congratulations, you are in the final four.


Ron Mitchell vs. Mary Krause
Tom Ketchum vs. Larry Thompson

Leave your predictions in the comments.

And if you're curious, neither Thompson or LaRiviere were able to correctly pick what team would score the most points (Robinson) or give up the most points (Pasco), but Larry thought Bob Putnam would tweet 35 times from his playoff game Friday, and Derek picked 27. Putnam, however, showing a rare burst of energy and enthusiam, tweeted 61 times. 

Normally, I might feel bad for LaRiviere, but if not for the CCC factor, he would have lost by like 4, and in the fourth tiebreaker he put down ZERO for how many times he would Friday Night Rewind this week, so I don't feel bad at all. Twitter and his lack of interest in the finest web football show in the country -- The Association of Sports Editors words, not mine! -- killed LaRiviere.

Also, how about that Justin Miller fella? He was knocked out in the first round of the playoffs, but kept playing for fun and won a wildcard t-shirt for nailing 16 picks, which was two better than anyone else, beating out a group consisting of Neutral Observer, placekicker extraordinnaire Stephen Yaffe, Kevin R and george. 

Now, listen: Tampa Bay's football teams have let me down. Five lost Friday, and we have only one remaining.

So this week, IF Robinson loses this week, the highest score of the four remaining teams will be declared first ever winner of the HomeTeam Pick-Em Grand Extravaganza.

IF Robinson wins, then we move on to next week's championship game with our two finalists. 

Here's the updated bracket, with complete weekly standings below that.



[Last modified: Tuesday, December 4, 2012 12:42am]


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