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Hey folks, quick week, short week, Thursday games (THURSDAY GAMES, MEANING YOU NEED TO GET YOUR ENTRIES IN BY THURSDAY), we have stuff to do, I'm in a rush, so here we go. 

McDowell, whoever you are: 20 for 20!!!!

I'd write more, but I don't know who McDowell is. Boy, girl, someone who hacked my pool to change his results?

But that's perfection, people. That's nailing it. Our first taste of unbridled excellence this season.

Bummer for Buddha, though, as he goes 19 for 20, nothing but a second-place finish.

The 18-2 club this week is Bill Steele, Neutral Observer, Harrison Wood, Catman and Don Haggard, who continues to stretch his overall lead.

And McDowell, if you want to take part in Playoff Pick-Em Extravaganza, I need to you know who you are. I'm here: Hit me up.

Last week's results: 


Overall totals:



And this week's entry form!

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