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 After a week in whiuch we saw perfection, this week produced only perplexion.

That was enough to send many of us, like me (14-6? Bleh.) to our worst weeks. But not Ron ell, who I believe is related to Superman's biological father Jor-El, or Nat Adams, who, well, I don't know.

Both guys finished tied for first this week, with 17-3 records. So congratulations.  You know the drill: email me to let me know who you are or no inovitation to the Playoff Pick-Em Extravaganza. Or don't. It's up to you.

(NOTE: Okay, I think Ron ell might be Ron MITCHell. If so, Ron, let me know. What is the deal with you people not spelling your names correctly? My great deductive abilities ony go so far. In the last three weeks, Tom Ketchum, Ron Mitchell and Neutral Observer (TWICE....DUDE!) have misspelled their names. Step it up, people.)

Seven people finished second, with 16 correct picks, including the pesky former weekly winner Tom Ketchum, the fabulous Mary Krause - another former champ -- and Times Hernando guru Derek LaRiviere, along with DarkSide, IKNOW, Catman and bromeo.

We'll have new picks up this week. I might be springing a Pick Every Game week on you. Be ready. Starting boning up.

Here's last week:



And overall, Don is running us all Haggard.

But Tom Ketchum gained a game in the overall standings, and has become a favorite of the fans, who refer to him lovingly as Tommy K., or The Ketchum Kid.



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