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Bob Putnam, Rodney Page, Kelly Parsons

HomeTeam Pick-Em Playoff brackets? Really? Really!



Here's the playof teams, and their match-ups. One quick thing: if you are playing someone who does not enter picks or does not get with me so I at least kind of know who they are, then the next person (No. 33) will be who you are lined up against. I suspect we have 1 or 2 fly-by-nighters in here that qualified by winning a week and aren't really that interested, so the next few guys on the bubble list (Youngone124, RJVilayvong, Derrick Brown, GDawg55 in that order) would step in so make sure you fill out your picks, fellas. Just in case.

CORRECTED at 3:51 P.M.: Sorry, I screwed up, had 34 people in my final list, had two people at 21 and two people at 22 and it screwed things up. Sorry, BryanSLU and CBurgos77. I'm pulling for ya in hopes someone else bows out and doesn't turn in picks. So make sure you still enter your picks. I put the final seedings below the bracket, if you care to look.




1. Don Haggard (W)

2. Tom Ketchum (W)

3. GATA-SON! (W)

4. Neutral Observer (W)

5. Mary Krause (W)

6. Larry T (W)

7. RonCanMultiTask (W)

8. Ron Mitchell (W)

9. Hasselhoff (W)

10. Nat Adams (W)

11. David C. (W) 

12. Thom Watson (W)

13. McDowell (W)

14. Catman (W)

15. Bill Steele 183

16. Cotey 182

17. Jarrod Smith 181

18. Alejandro Tamayo 180

19. Derek LaRiviere 180

20. Matt Baker 176

21. skurdhidingid 175

22. Justin Miller 175

23. hound dog man 171

24. 2 Chainzzz 164

25. DrakeU 163

26. Csmack 163

27.Pirates94 152 

28. joe joe 150

29. flafishergal 148

30. Andy Embody 144

31. Mike Haspel 135

32. Jeff Odom 134



33. BryanSLU 131

34. CBurgos77

Youngone124 DNP last week

RJ Vilayvong 124 DNP play last week

Derrick Brown 119

[Last modified: Monday, November 12, 2012 3:57pm]


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