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Bob Putnam, Rodney Page, Kelly Parsons

HomeTeam Pick-Em Playoff Update. If you're playing, you want to read this.



If the HomeTeam Playoff Still In Development I'm Still Not Sure I Know What The Heck I'm Doing Extravaganza, or as it's more commonly known the HTPSIDISNSIKWTHIDE, were starting today, here would be the seedings, as determined by me. If you want to question the seedings, do so in the comments. But all the weekly winners (they have a W next to their name) got the higher seeds, and then the next best in the yearly standings (minus the weekly winners). Also, if you entered and won with a name like Joe Schmoe or Real Raider Fan and I have no way to identify you, tough luck. And I have some numbers to check over, so this list may change. So if you are Nos. 28-32, you best close it out strong this week.

SUPER URGENT AND IMPORTANT: I need to know who you are for these playoffs. If I don't, you will be replaced by a bubble/alternate. I will respect and honor your anonymity and not use your real name without asking, but I have to know who you are.I will have instructions to email to everyone. No excuses. You've been told. I do this on my own time, I am the commisioner and ultimate decision maker and there is no one to complain to except me. POWER TRIP!!!!! Anyway, just do it. I put an email blank on this week's entry to make it easy for you.

1. Tom Ketchum (W) (multiple winner, he's the man...unless Haggard takes him out this week)
2. Don Haggard (W)
4. Neutral Observer (W)
5. McDowell (W)
6. Mary Krause (W)
7. Ron Mitchell (W)
8. Nat Adams (W)
9 David C. (W) 
10. Thom Watson (W)
11. RonCanMultiTask (W)
12. Hasselhoff (W)
13. Bill Steele 166
14. Cotey 165
15. Jarrod Smith 163
16. Alejandro Tamayo 162
17. Derek LaRiviere 162
18. Justin Miller 159
19. Matt Baker 159
20. skurdhidingid 157
21. hound dog man 156
22. 2 Chainzzz 149
23. DrakeU 148
24. Larry T 148
25. Csmack 147
26. Andy Embody 144
27. joe joe 136
28. Mike Haspel 135
29. flafishergal 134
30. Pirates94 134
31. RJ Vilayvong 124
32. Youngone124

mark 115
Nick Adams 114
CBurgos 111
Derrick Brown 104
Jared Shimberg 102

The bubbe looks daunting, so you folks probably need to hope those ahead of you skip this week or hope some people don't get in touch with me. I'm guessing at least 2-3 of you will get in that way. SO DON'T CHOKE THIS WEEK!!!!

As always, you can reach me at with any questions.

[Last modified: Thursday, November 8, 2012 1:08pm]


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