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HomeTeam Pick-Em Results, Week 3, better late than never, right?



I got an email this week from krausem1, whose name I will not reveal. She -- yes, she -- wanted me to make sure her picks were in. I checked. They were.

Good thing she checked. In her first week, krausem1 is a winner! She'll have to share top honors with longtime board contributor neutral observer, who used his years of playing and coaching Pinellas County football to be one of only 13 to pick Largo's upset of Countryside. But I'm more impressed by Mary being one of only 12 to pick Plant City's stunner over Gaither.

"I can’t believe it! I’ve been trying to read as much as I can on all the teams,'' Mary said via e-mail. "This is fun!"

In other words, Mary used the trasure trove of info I provide my fine readers to defeat me. That's kind of cold.

Both folks picked 17 of 20 games right. Very nice.

All weekly winners earn a spot in the Playoff Pick-Em Tournament. I just came up with that. Should be fun.

As for overall standings, well, say hello to our new leaders, Don Haggard and Tom Ketchum.

Haggard and Ketchum (a weekly winner) are both 40-15, and surged to the top by picking 15 games right last week.


RonCanMultiTask, hasselhoff and Hometeamer Matt Baker are right behind them at 39-16.

Then Justin Miller at 38-17.

Then me, Neutral Observer and Bill Steele are rocking 37-18 records. Steele had a 15-5 week. I kinda sucked at 13-7.

Here's some more season standings:

36: Jarrod Smith
34: Alejandro Temayo, Csmack, Derek LaRiviere, DrakeU55
32: Andy Embody, flafishergal, G Puskas, skurdhidingid
31: Cards64 and Kyle Bennett, who I should mention went 11-9 last week. Just saying.

Looks out for Cards64. He missed the first week, but has nailed 15 and 16 the past two weeks. He/she scares me.



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