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Jon Gruden, Tennessee football coaching search and...Gulf's Tom Carter?



The No. 1 story on HomeTeam this morning is week-old news about Tom Carter leaving his job as head football coach at Gulf High School.

Why? Because Mike Gundy and Charlie Strong turned down the Tennessee Vols coaching job, of course.
Let me explain.
Gundy (Oklahoma State) and Strong (Louisville) both opted to stay at their current schools yesterday. That means the search for the next Vols coach rolls on, inevitably, to former Bucs coach Jon Gruden.
Previous Grumors probably explain why this piece on Gruden’s son, Deuce, signing with Lafayette out of Carrollwood Day was one of the top stories on our site last week - even though it was written in February.
But it’s the latest Grudenspiracy theory that connects us to Carter, who was 2-18 in two years as Gulf's head coach. Here’s a post from GuRu on the message board of (somewhere around page 253) at 7:11 this morning:  
Babyvol is implying that a high school coach in fla is friends with gruden and resigned this week and it's the same type of deal as the south Pitt coach. Name is Tom Carter. Anyone know if this is true
Someone then posted a link to our story from Friday (Thanks, by the way).
“Ant (sic) the plot thickens,” Burnt Orange replied.
“The smoke signal is getting taller and I am sure non-believers are second guessing now!” BuckHeadVol1 added.  
Ant here we are.
For the record, I am 99.99 percent sure about two things:
  1. Carter’s resignation had nothing to do with Tennessee, Gruden, the Oakland Raiders or the Zapruder film.
  2. Carter will land on his feet, most likely as an assistant coach at another high school in Tampa Bay.
I would say I’m 100 percent sure, but, I love a good conspiracy as much as the next guy. Where’s the fun in shooting one down?

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