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More interesting recruiting tactics



I enjoyed compiling this package in today’s paper on creative ways schools try to get recruits’ attention. It's already caused me to commit to FAU. 


The current trend is to present cookie cakes on official visits. A tip of the hat goes to ESPN's Jeremy Crabtree for retweeting pictures, like this one from FSU, this one at Ohio State, this one at Clemson or this one at Toledo

FSU's sports information department also deserves a shout-out for helping me figure out the dos and dont's of cookie cakes under NCAA rules. Seriously. 

Some other tidbits:

Pasco RB David Emmanuel said one college PhotoShopped him into their uniform and sent him a picture of it. I have not seen said photo, though.

I also seem to remember a Tampa running back PhotoShopped onto the cover of a magazine. My colleagues don’t remember it, so maybe I’m going crazy. That ring a bell to any of you?

I did a story on recruiting budgets in another lifetime, and I had a long chat with a Missouri official about how the Tigers recruit. Mizzou’s philosophy was to try different things to get recruits’ attention. You can't land a recruit if you don't have his attention. But once you get it, the coach must seal the deal. 

The school used letters that were larger than the ones most other programs used. That way, when Mom goes out to get the mail and puts a stack of recruiting letters on the coffee table, that Tiger logo will stick out, no matter where it fell in the stack.

Another time, Mizzou decided it was going to make its media guide the biggest, baddest one recruits have ever seen – so awesome and massive that no recruit could ignore it when it landed on the doorstep. Other schools didn’t like that one, so now NCAA bylaw (section G) limits media guides sent to recruits to 208 pages. And the inside cover can only have one color of print, naturally.

Mizzou is still doing some interesting things, it seems.

What’s the most unique recruiting tool you’ve seen?

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