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The new face of Friday Night Rewind? Or just the cutest?



 I didn't plan on having 9-year-old Joshua Conley as my co-host on Friday Night Rewind this week. But he left me no choice.

I headed out to Pasco practice last week to do a long, detailed and humorous open with the coaches that involved cans of spray paint and...well, I can't say anymore. We might still dust it off for a future episode.

But as I'm standing there, Joshua comes walking up to us starts talking. And talking. And talking.


I asked him who his brother was, and he said Tim. I asked what Tim's last name was. He yelled to his dad: "Daddy, what's Tim's last name?"

We all laughed, his dad said same as yours, Joshua.

"Tim Conley,'' he said proudly.

He wanted to show us the tatoo on his forearm. I ask if it hurt, and he says yes. I ask weren't you afraid of the needles? He says naw. The tatoo, of course, was a temporary press-on, and I couldn't tell if he was just playing along to amuse me.

He wanted to know where we were from. I told him Tampa, and he said "Tampa?! Tampa Bay?! That's the place with the tall buildings!" I chuckled and told his dad he needs to get Joshua out of Dade City more often.

Joshua walked right up to Willie Allen Jr., our photographer, stared at him for a bit, and asked, loudly, "WHEN DID YOU GET THEM BRACES?"

But funniest of all? Conley had a water bottle, and he was walking around talking sips of water and spitting them out, just like he saw the Pasco Pirates doing at football practice. "I play football -- spiiitttt! -- for the Flyweights." and "Can I see those -- spiiittt -- pictures you're taking?"

This continued for 15 more minutes, and finally, I handed the camera to Matt Baker and said we need to get this kid on camera. I knew it would be good, because almost immediately Joshua spit his water on Matt. Comedy gold.

I thought it was funny. I woke up this morning to my kids playing it on the computer -- "How many is this...Three?" -- really loud. Joshua doesn't know it, but he's their best friend right now, at least for the moment replacing that Charlie kid on YouTube who bit his brother's finger.

Anyway, check it out. 


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