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Bob Putnam, Rodney Page, Kelly Parsons

Pick-Em results: It's elementary for dear Mr. Watson



 Wow, people. You like us. You really like us!

We had 141 entries this week, which is just sick. About 25 of those were obviously some very bored kids sitting in a classroom at Clearwater High School, since they all came in within minutes of each other and every single person picked....Clearwater. Oh, and picked against Clearwater Central Catholic. So yeah, there's that. We see you, Clearwater, we see you.

We also see this week's champ, Thomas Watson, who managed to pick 16 of 19 games correctly, the only person to do so. Well done sir.

The only mistakes Watson made were picking Armwood, Sickles and Strawberry Crest.

***NOTE: The first two weeks winners have been named Tom. So, from here on out, just call me Tom C. Cotey. Bam!

Five of us nailed 15 picks: Nunya, bjhall4, Cards64, Carlmon Jones and....well, me! ME! ME! Wooooooo Hooooo.  

The rest of you? Well, you need to pick up the pace a little.

Hassellhoff, one of three champs from last week, hung tough with 14 correct picks, and is now the OVERALL LEADER at 26-8.

But Justin Miller and Neutral Observer with 13? Come on MAN!

Two of our Week 1 champs -- @RonCanMultiTask and Tom Ketchum -- limped across the finish line with 12 picks correct.

skurdhidingid, one of our site regulars and a yearly contender for commentor of the year, went 9-10. Yeah. 

Was this week that tough? 65 of 141 entries went 10-9 or worse. Yikes.

1. Hasselhoff 26-8
2. Tom Ketchum 25-9
2. Don Haggard 25-9
2. Matt Baker 25-9
5. RonCanMultiTask 24-10
5. Cotey 24-10
7. Jarrod Smith 23-11
7. DrakeU55 23-11
9. Derek LaRiviere 22-12
9. Alejandro Tamayo 22-12
9. Will Steele 22-12
12. Hound Dog Man 21-13
12. Justin Miller 21-13
14. Kyle Bennett 20-14
14. Neutral Observer 20-14
14. Skurdhidingid 20-14
17. Csmack 19-15 

17. Andy Embody 19-15
17. G. Puskas 19-15
17. FlaFisherGal 19-15
21. TruthBros. 18-16
22. Thomas Watson 16-3
23. Nunya 15-4
23. bjhall4 15-4
23. Cards64 15-4
23. Carlmon Jones 15-4

Sadly, no week 2 entries for these first week entrants, though still plenty of time to make a comback: Andy Warrener, Dave Richtberg, Lawrence Travis, Joe Joe, Dad7, FlaFBFan, Raysfan123, Ja_La_MM, Scott Davey and Philo.

Here's week 2's results


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