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Report: Prostitution scandal rocks national football power



A football powerhouse in Maryland kicked five players off of its team after a prostitution scandal, according to this bombshell from the Washington Post.

Paul Tenorio, my former college dormmate, reports that the DeMatha Catholic players called an escort service after a Friday night game in North Carolina. The school had 18 parents chaperoning the trip, but that didn't prevent these 5 a.m. sexual encounters.

DeMatha Catholic is one of the country’s top football powers. In 2009, the school had seven alumni on NFL rosters and a top 25 national ranking, according to USA Today.

Read the Washington Post’s full story here.

My question: Is this simply a case of teenage boys doing something foolish, or is it a possible side effect of playing regular season games across state lines? It's a relevant question, with Plant playing Louisiana power John Curtis tonight in New Orleans. More interstate games will follow as long as Tampa Bay has strong football teams.

DeMatha Catholic is five hours (279 miles) away from Hillside High School in Durham, N.C. Obviously that means a night in a hotel. That can be good. It means time to bond and hang out with teammates, and it gives players a chance to go somewhere new. I hadn't been to California before I went to LA for a marching band trip in high school. I had fun, even though it was too rainy to enjoy Splash Mountain.

But the time in a hotel also gives teenage boys time to do the kinds of stupid things teenage boys have always done, going back to the freshman caveman who threw rocks at mastodons. A few knuckleheads can ruin everything. A troublemaker in my eighth grade class nearly ruined our Washington, D.C. trip - and a piece of American history - by throwing a cinnamon Altoid on the bed where Abe Lincoln died. Seriously.

The Post's allegations are serious. That fact is undeniable, and you can't excuse what happened. But I do want to discuss it.

You can't completely do away with long road trips in a state the size of Florida. Pasco's trip to Wakulla for the Class 5A state semifinals was four and a half hours. That's plenty of time for mischief to occur. And I'm sure some players do bad things after home games, too.

But out of state games invite extra opportunities for trouble. Does this incident from the East Coast make you rethink your policy on interstate games? Or is this just one isolated case of a few high school boys doing something foolish?

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