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Bob Putnam, Rodney Page, Kelly Parsons

Some dude named Joe Schmoe won HomeTeam Pick-Em this week



 No, really.

Joe Schmoe.

He picked 35 of 40 games correctly, to win the win by 2 games, which counts as a rout.

Now, if Joe Schmoe wants to be entered into HomeTeam Playoff Frenzy Tourney Play, he needs to e-mail me. 

Otherwise, few changes. Our top two overall guys, Don Haggard and Tom Ketchum, picked the exact same winner in all 40 games. I'm not sure how that happens. They are perpetual chalk pickers, but really, 40 of the same 40? I'm sensing some collusion. I sure hope the overall regular season title doesn't go to the electoral college.

For those asking how the postseason works, I'm going to match up the weekly champions and the next number of finishers until I get to 32 entries. Then everyone will be matched up head to head. Week 2, 16 will remain. Week 3, 8 will remain. Week 4, 4 will remain.

Now obviously we'll go from 23 or so games down to 10 down to 8 or however it goes. We will be filling in the blanks for games with other things to pick, like who rushes for the most yards, which team gets more first downs, who scores first, etc. So you'll still have 20 categories to pick each week. You knowledge base will be tested.

And if we get to 1-on-1 in a state game, then we crown our champ. If all our teams lose early, the last week (say, the semifinals) the highest total among the four remaining entrants is the champ. If it's regional finals, then the final eight slug it out. 

It sounds confusing because it is. I don't have time to explain any better at the moment. Things to do, people to see, stories to report. It's a one-man gang here, folks. I hope to make it worth your while.

Anyway, here's this past week's results. 




Overall, it comes down to Ketchum and Haggard. Doesn't look like they are catchable. Will they play for a tie? 


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