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What should Clearwater do with the football program?



 Just for fun, what do you think Clearwater should do as it seeks out a "coach-in-waiting" to take over for Tom Bostic after the 2012 season?

I'm writing a column on this today, but the coach-in-waiting idea seems a little short-sighted. This is a good job, right? A big job, right? This could be, in time with some serious elbow grease and dedication to restoration, a really reeeeally good job.

So why give youself a few weeks to hire someone for what is, truly, the biggest athletic hire at the school in some time...maybe ever.

Times have changed. Football programs can change the whole culture of an athletic program, if you do it right.

So what should Clearwater do?

a. Hire from within. Appoint one of the current assistant coaches as  the coach-in-waiting, for familiarity's sake.

b. Grab the best candidate available, lure him away from whereever he's coaching, and get him in there to monitor and assist during the 2012 season.

c. Get rid of Bostic today, and turn the job over to one of the assistants, and see what they can do. That way, at the end of the year, you're not locked into him. Or, you could be.

d. Wait! Just wait! Wait wait wait wait wait!!!! Then when Bostic hangs it up after this season, open it up. See who applies. Chances are, few of the top assistants are going to try and leave now after a whole summer of working with their teams. By trying to fill it now, you are pretty much eliminating many of the top assistants, as well as some pretty good head coaches who might be free then. And here's a novel thought -- identify who you want. Surely there has to a be a few coaches that you wish you had (say, Rick Rodriguez....Kenny Crawford....Joe Fabrizio...) Go get them!

Multiple choice people. Whatcha think?


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