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Bob Putnam, Rodney Page, Kelly Parsons

Youth football gambling ring busted in South Florida

Nine youth football coaches in South Florida have been arrested for gambling on their pee wee football games, according to this report by the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

According to the paper, the nine coaches or assistants made illegal bets at a barbershop which served as a gambling front. Two of the coaches are accused of gambling on point spreads before the youth games.

Bets for the league’s championship game paid $100,000 (!!!!!!!!!!!) to the winner.

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HomeTeam Pick-Em Week 10: Who has the endurance?

Double the fun, people.




Don't complain. Just get to researching, and you can thank me later for your chance to get back in the game.

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GATA-SON wins again? Ketchum pulls even? Cotey fades? Yes, yes and yes!

 It was a tricky and not very treaty week for many in the HomeTeam Pick-Em, but for GATA-SON! it was business as usual.

For the second time this year, he is a weekly winner. He picked 18 of 20 correctly, followed closely by 17-pick pickers Jeff "The Ultimate Steinbrenner Warrior" Odom, mighty Tom Ketchum, Scphill and Hacked.

Only guy other than GATA-SON! that has won multiple weeks is Ketchum, who has won thrice.

I will be unveiling the HomeTeam Playoff Extravaganza next week. It may involve some head-to-head competitions. I'm tinkering. Remember, weekly winners are in automatically.

Week 8: Ron Mitchell, Nat Adams 17 of 20.

Week 7: McDowell, 20 of 20.

Week 6: Don Haggard and Tom Ketchum, 19 of 20.

Week 5: Tom Ketchum, Real Raider Fan and David C. 18 of 20.

Week 4: GATA-SON! 19 of 20.

Week 3: Neutral Observer and Mary Krause 17 of 20.

Week 2: Thom Watson 16 of 19.

Week 1: Tom Ketchum 13 of 15, RonCanMultiTask and Hasselhoff 12 of 15.

Overall, Ketchum has pulled into a dead heat with Haggard. But things could change as game organizers are contemplating a Pick Every Game The Final Two Weeks to separate the men and ladies from the boys and girls. The steel cage match of Pick-Ems.







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What I'm reading: Overcoming tragedy and a Maryland baseball team

If you’re in the mood for a sad but somehow uplifting story and have some time today, check out Chris Ballard’s piece in a recent Sports Illustrated.

Ballard profiles Williamsport (Md.) High and its baseball program, which lost alum Nick Adenhart and ace Brendon Colliflower to car crashes.  The story reminded me of Fivay’s 2012 baseball season and the death of its coach, Justin Kunick.

Anyway, consider this an option for lunchtime reading.

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The new ugliest uniforms in Florida high school football

Every time I see some ugly new uniforms, I think it can’t get any worse.

But seriously this time, it can’t get any worse.
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Two North Suncoast alums and an ESPN highlight

Two other recent notable performances from North Suncoast alumni:

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HomeTeam Pick-Em Week 9: Which Wood are you picking, if any?

 Three weeks to go, people. Tom "The Catch-Em Kid" Ketchum is still chasing Don Haggard for the top overall spot, and you are running out of chances to qualify for the Pick-Em Playoff Extravaganza. Remember, winning a week gets you in, and the Top 15 in the overall standings get an invite as well.

Tick tock, people, TICK....TOCK.


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What I'm reading: Building a Minnesota program

 I stumbled upon this story from the Minneapolis Star Tribune on a coach struggling to rebuild a once proud high school football program. It's worth a read. 

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Checking on North Suncoast notable alums

A few college notes from notable North Suncoast alumni...

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HomeTeam Pick-Em Pickers take their lumps

 After a week in whiuch we saw perfection, this week produced only perplexion.

That was enough to send many of us, like me (14-6? Bleh.) to our worst weeks. But not Ron ell, who I believe is related to Superman's biological father Jor-El, or Nat Adams, who, well, I don't know.

Both guys finished tied for first this week, with 17-3 records. So congratulations.  You know the drill: email me to let me know who you are or no inovitation to the Playoff Pick-Em Extravaganza. Or don't. It's up to you.

(NOTE: Okay, I think Ron ell might be Ron MITCHell. If so, Ron, let me know. What is the deal with you people not spelling your names correctly? My great deductive abilities ony go so far. In the last three weeks, Tom Ketchum, Ron Mitchell and Neutral Observer (TWICE....DUDE!) have misspelled their names. Step it up, people.)

Seven people finished second, with 16 correct picks, including the pesky former weekly winner Tom Ketchum, the fabulous Mary Krause - another former champ -- and Times Hernando guru Derek LaRiviere, along with DarkSide, IKNOW, Catman and bromeo.

We'll have new picks up this week. I might be springing a Pick Every Game week on you. Be ready. Starting boning up. …

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New FHSAA forfeit and eligibility rules. Discuss.

The Countryside drama won’t be like other eligibility scandals Tampa Bay has seen.

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A must-read story on former Miami Hurricane recruit

The New York Times has been running a fantastic series on a small town - Elyria, Ohio - this week by the great Dan Barry. Part 4 focuses on a former high school football star, Ike Maxwell, who played with current LSU coach Les Miles and signed with the Miami Hurricanes.

Maxwell is one of the biggest names in the town, even though he's fallen on some very hard times.

The whole story is worth a read here.

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Oregon State Beavers use A PLANE to attract recruits

I’m all about crazy recruiting tactics for second-tier programs to get prospects’ interest. Here’s one I haven’t seen before, from

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Youth football coach slaps ref, drama follows

A report by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel provides more evidence that football in Florida is crazy. 

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Report: 6A volleyball power Ocala Vanguard faces forfeits

One of the state's top Class 6A volleyball programs, Ocala Vanguard, will likely have to forfeit games for using an ineligible player, according to the Ocala Star-Banner.

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