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Kentucky staying away from postgame handshakes



The Kentucky High School Athletic Association is telling its teams not to participate in postgame handshakes. Here's a story from the Louisville Courier-Journal about that.

Kentucky's governing body isn't making it illegal - just cautioning against it. The state cited more than 20 fights or confrontations in the last three years as justification for the new directive.

To recap: Because too many people were bad sports, the state decided to do away with something that promotes good sportsmanship. Got it? 

Call me new-school. I grew up in a society where handshakes were as much of a part of youth sports as orange slices, so I like the display of sportsmanship. I think it teaches an important lesson about losing with class.

Competition is part of my job, and I hate to lose. Just ask my wife about her Scrabble victories. But sometimes in my business, I strike out. It happens. The next day, I'll see reporters from competing news companies. I can be a jerk and sulk, or I can be cordial with the guys and girls on the other side.

I take the second route. You don't get anything out of being grumpy. The sooner you learn why you got beat and figure out how to make sure it doesn't happen again, the better. And it's still important to build relationships with the people you're competing against. They might be your teammate some day. 

That's why I don't like Kentucky's rule. The bad losers end up winning.

What's your take on Kentucky's directive? 

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