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Kerry Washington is pregnant with her second child

Literally nothing to see here.

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Literally nothing to see here.

No scandal here. Just the happy news that everyone’s favorite Scandal star, Kerry Washington, is expecting her second child with husband Nnamdi Asomugha, E! News reports.

Rejoice, for sleepless nights are afoot.

The 39-year-old actress publicly debuted her baby bump at the White House correspondents’ dinner on Saturday night, but no one noticed because she was wearing a loose, ruffled black dress by Victoria Beckham. The telltale sign: Washington relentlessly held her clutch in front of her torso during the entire red carpet to-do.

Washington and Asomugha, a former 49ers cornerback, secretly wed in June 2013, and are already parents to 2-year-old daughter Isabelle Amarachi. The pair are notoriously private, raising Isabelle away from the public eye. Translation: Don’t expect to see any naked belly pics in the coming months.

“[Motherhood] has just made her more awesome than she was to begin with,” co-star Tony Goldwyn told E! News. “She’s just so happy all the time as it does when you have a baby. It’s a magical time.”

Yes, yes. Magical.

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What a year for dad-to-be DJ Khaled

Luis Santana/tbt* (2010)

DJ Khaled is having the time of his life. First, Beyonce & co. chose him as the opening act for Queen Bey’s Formation World Tour.

“When I got the phone call to be on the Beyoncé tour, I’m not gonna lie, I cried,” he said during the tour’s stop in Tampa on Friday. “I cried tears of joy.”

Now, he and his fiancee, Nicole, are expecting their first child together.

Sources tell TMZ that Nicole is about three months along, as is customary for those who are announcing a pregnancy, and the baby is due this fall.


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LeBron James to star in 'Space Jam’ sequel?

He wants to be like Mike.

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He wants to be like Mike.

The LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan debate is about to heat up again because the Cleveland Cavaliers player is in talks to star in Space Jam 2.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Justin Lin (who directed Star Trek Beyond, which is slated to hit theaters on July 22) is circling the project that for reasons unknown will revisit the premise of intergalactic hoops.

Lin and Andrew Dodge are penning the script, according to Variety.

The original flick starred Jordan and the Looney Tunes cast playing basketball against a bunch of aliens. James and his company SpringHill Entertainment signed a deal with Warner Bros. last summer, a move that first sparked the rumor.

Now, remember: The two-time NBA champion did a pretty great job with his cameo in Trainwreck, and he has kids, and kids like dumb movies, so we give him our reluctant blessing.

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Blac Chyna’s house burglarized as sex tape is shopped around

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Blac Chyna is having a rough though publicity-generating week.

The model and insta-fiancee of Rob Kardashian had more than $200,000 in money and jewelry stolen from the safe in her Los Angeles home over the weekend. Kardashian, who is also staying in the house, discovered the theft and called police, according to TMZ.

Since there were no signs of forced entry into the home or the safe, it’s thought that someone close to the couple may be the culprit, and it’s possible that the thief was looking for a copy of a rumored sex tape starring Blac Chyna and her then-fiance, Tyga, who is now the longtime boyfriend of barely legal Kylie Jenner.

The video is being shopped around to porn companies and media outlets, but so far there haven’t been any takers because it’s unclear if it’s really the former flames in the video — though the tattoos do match.

The video vixen’s lawyer, Walter Mosley, told the gossip site that Chyna is prepared to sue the pants off whomever is trying to leak the tape.

Looks like BC and Kim Kardashian will have something to talk about at this year’s Khristmas gathering.

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George Lopez is Prince’s knight in shining armor, gives family cash

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Who knew Prince and George Lopez were so close?

According to TMZ, the comedian has given a ton of money to the musician’s family since his death. The reason: the singer’s assets remain frozen while a judge decides how much the administrator can give family members.

Prince gifted houses and living expenses to his kin, and now some of the superstar’s younger siblings are having a tough time because they’re temporarily cut off. That’s where Lopez, apparent close friend of Prince, came in.

The Spare Parts actor advanced the family $20,000 to cover living and travel expenses, and he could offer them more.

According to TMZ, Lopez’s gesture was anonymous, so we’re not sure how the gossip site found out about it, but you know Harvey Levin has his ways.

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'Maze Runner’ shoot delayed further due to star Dylan O'Brien’s injuries

20th Century Fox

Principal photography on Maze Runner: The Death Cure has been shut down for the foreseeable future to allow star Dylan O’Brien more time to recover from injuries he suffered while shooting an action scene in March.

20th Century Fox said in a statement Friday that it looks forward to restarting production as soon as possible, but it did not comment on weather the delay would affect the film’s planned February 2017 release date, the Associated Press reports.

O’Brien, 24, was filming the third and final installment of the series when he unexpectedly was pulled off the top of one vehicle and was hit by another, which caused a concussion, facial fracture and lacerations.

“His injuries are very serious, and he needs more time to recover,” said O’Brien’s rep, Jennifer Allen.

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Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin arrested backstage

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If you’re wanted by the law, it’s probably not a good idea to parade around onstage, that is if you don’t want to get caught. Then again, it’s better just not to be wanted by the law — but for Wes Scantlin, there was no putting that toothpaste back in the tube.

According to TMZ, the Puddle of Mudd frontman performed Saturday night at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, Calif., but the concert did not have a happy ending — or even time for an encore.

The second Scantlin walked off stage, bail bondsmen and cops nabbed him for skipping a court hearing in a vandalism case — twice.

Scantlin is accused of trashing a house earlier this year. This time, the judge increased Scantlin’s bail to $250,000, and he was still in custody as of this writing.

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Pop music superstar Prince is dead at 57

Prince performs during the halftime show at Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears, Feb. 4, 2007, at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.

[Getty Images (2007)]

Prince performs during the halftime show at Super Bowl XLI between the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears, Feb. 4, 2007, at Dolphin Stadium in Miami.

We can't believe we're writing these words, but here it goes: Prince died today at the age of 57.

According to TMZ, the singer’s body was discovered at his Paisley Park estate in Minnesota early Thursday morning.

On April 15, Prince Rogers Nelson’s jet made an emergency landing in Illinois when the musician fell ill. His representatives said he had been battling a bad bout of the flu, but he still managed to show up for his concert the next day. He canceled two shows prior to that performance due to health issues.

That’s all we have for now. Be sure to check back with Pop Music/Culture Critic Jay Cridlin for more details and what is sure to be a touching tribute.

Click here for the top five moments in the incredible career of Prince.

Click here for a photographic look back at music superstar through the decades.

And click here to watch his unforgettable Super Bowl XLI halftime show.


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Nick Carter is a dad, welcomes baby boy with wife Lauren

Entertainment Tonight screengrab

Remember when we were wee teens and dreamed of having Nick Carter’s babies when we grew up, got married and lived happily/famously ever after?

Well, lucky for us, we didn’t. But Lauren Carter sure did. The couple welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Odin Reign Carter arrived after 30 hours of labor during a home water birth.

“It’s a very strong name,” the 36-year-old singer said at the April 1 premiere of his Syfy film, Dead7, which also stars fellow Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean, NSync’s Joey Fatone and even Carter’s wife.

According to Google, Odin is a “widely revered god” in Germanic mythology, so the couple’s Game of Thrones baby shower sort of makes sense-ish?

“I don’t want to get all sappy, [but] she’s the reason I felt comfortable, and I knew that she would be the perfect mother,” Carter said of his wife. “It’s crazy how much more in love you can become when you start this phase of your life.”

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'Livid’ Kelly Ripa skips taping over surprise Michael Strahan departure

The way they were...

Getty Images

The way they were...

Drama alert: Kelly Ripa is, shall we say, rather upset that Michael Strahan pulled a Regis and didn’t tell her he was bailing until the announcement went public.

Fans of Live! With Kelly and Michael may have noticed that Ripa was a no-show on Wednesday. A TMZ source said this may be the first in a string of absences, because she’s furious that everyone at Live, including longtime executive producer Michael Gelman, were kept in the dark about Strahan’s upcoming move to the struggling Good Morning America.

Ripa and Gelman were both “stunned and upset” upon hearing the news at 10:30 a.m., just as the press was being notified.

“She was livid,” a source told E! News of her reaction at the meeting. “It wasn’t pretty.”

“[Strahan] wanted to be there,” the source said. “He didn’t have to be, but he didn’t want to have her hear it and not be there. He tried to do the stand up thing.”

The Daily Mail cited anonymous sources close to Ripa who said she won’t appear on the show until Strahan leaves in September.

“She is just devastated and furious,” a source told People. “And she needs time. She’s not planning on going in for the rest of the week.” …

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Eva Mendes, Ryan Gosling expecting Baby No. 2

Getty Images

You can only hold so many accessories over your pregnant belly before it becomes super obvious that you’re expecting.

Eva Mendes gave it a good college try, but recent photos show that it’s pretty clear she and Ryan Gosling are gearing up to welcome their second child.

According to Us Weekly, the Lost River star tried to hide her bump by holding an enormous purse and peacoat in front of her belly while heading to her doctor’s office in Los Angeles on Thursday. The 42-year-old was wearing a flowing maxi dress, too, so obviously she’s with child, right?

Mendes and the 35-year-old Nice Guys actor met in 2011 on the set of that weird movie, The Place Beyond the Pines. The private pair welcomed 19-month-old daughter Esmeralda in September 2014 after keeping that pregnancy as quiet as possible for as long as they could.

An insider told People that Mendes “just hasn’t ever wanted anyone beyond her close friends and family knowing more than they had to. And Ryan is certainly private and always has been.”

But she’s loving life as a mom.

“She’s never been happier,” the source added. “She and Ryan are just in awe of this beautiful person they created. It’s a really special time for them.”

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John Legend, Chrissy Teigen welcome baby girl

Getty Images

And a Legend is born.

Model and TV host Chrissy Teigen welcomed her first child with crooner John Legend on Thursday, the couple announced via social media on Sunday.

“She’s here! Luna Simone Stephens, we are so in love with you! And sleepy. Very sleepy,” Teigen wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the baby’s weight — 6 pounds 11 ounces — which was dated Thursday.

Legend, 37, echoed the announcement, tweeting, “Our new love is here! Luna Simone Stephens, born on Thursday, the 14th. We couldn’t be happier!”

The couple didn’t encounter the easiest path to parenthood. Teigen shared on Instagram in October that she was undergoing IVF. The couple chose a ­female embryo during the process, and she stuck.

“I’ve made this decision,” Teigen, 30, told People in February. “Not only am I having a girl, but I picked the girl from her little embryo. I picked her and was like, 'Let’s put in the girl.’ ”

The couple are hoping for more kids in the future.

“The number of embryos we have left is not matching the number of people I want at my dinner table, so I’ll have to do it again,” Teigen said. “I wish I had frozen my eggs earlier. We have a few more on ice. Who knows what will work?” …

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively expecting second baby

Well aren't they special?

Getty Images

Well aren't they special?

I mean, if you’re one of the most gorgeous couples in all the Hollywoodland, things like this are bound to happen: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are expecting their second bundle of sure-to-be-perfect-looking joy.

According to Us Weekly, the Gossip Girl alum was shooting her upcoming film, The Shallows, in Malibu when she unsuccessfully tried to cover up her baby bump while wearing a fitted wetsuit.

“Blake is absolutely thrilled and so is Ryan,” a source told People.

Word is Lively will debut her belly at the Met Gala in May.

The 28-year-old and Reynolds welcomed their first child, daughter James, in December 2014, and it sounds like this newbie won’t be their last.

“I do want to just enjoy this moment,” Lively said after welcoming James. “But I also feel like my first child is going to be the oldest sibling to the next kid, and that may change with each and every year. I’m looking forward to how one baby influences the other, and to my family as a whole, to every single chapter.”

The actress and 39-year-old Deadpool actor wed in September of 2012.

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Kelly Clarkson finally welcomes baby boy


Getty Images


The Blackstocks have welcomed a baby boy. Kelly Clarkson and husband/manager Brandon Blackstock are now the proud parents of two.

“Our little baby boy has arrived!!” Clarkson, 33, tweeted on Thursday. “Remington Alexander Blackstock was born 4/12/16 & he is healthy & we couldn’t be happier or more in love!”

The original American Idol winner revealed that she was pregnant onstage at the Staples Center back in August.

“I was not planning on announcing this but I’m totally pregnant,” she said back then. “I didn’t want you to think I was on pills or something! Everything is great. I haven’t vomited yet, that’s a win!”

Her second pregnancy was just as difficult as her first, and she had to cancel some tour dates.

“I’m familiar with all-day sickness,” she said on CBS This Morning in November. “I have to get IVs and fluids because I get so dehydrated. It’s really bad.”

The couple wed in October 2013 and welcomed baby girl River Rose in June of 2014.

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Another day, another celebrity penis threat - this time featuring John Cusack


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First, rapper Iggy Azalea threatened to chop off her fiance’s “meat” if Los Angeles Laker Nick Young ever cheated on her again. Now, a woman has threatened to curse John Cusack’s unit with a “black candle spell” that would make him impotent for life.

According to TMZ, that was enough for a judge to grant Cusack a restraining order against the woman who has shown up at his house repeatedly and sent creepy emails to his sister-in-law — though you would think those unexpected visits would have been enough.

Marieretno Subali is now required to stay 100 yards away from Cusack and cut contact with his brother and sister-in-law.

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