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Amanda Bynes drug case in trouble; her parents think she's schizophrenic

I mean, this doesn't look healthy at all, but still ...


I mean, this doesn't look healthy at all, but still ...

It seems the slam-dunk drug case cops had against Amanda Bynes isn't so airtight, after all. That's what happens when you don't, you know, actually recover any drugs at the scene of the alleged crime.

NYPD investigators not only didn't recover any marijuana at Bynes' apartment, TMZ reports, they also didn't collect alleged bong fragments on a sub-roof on her apartment building. Bynes was accused of being caught smoking weed in the apartment lobby, then tossing the bong from her 36th floor unit. Never mind that cops say she admitted to it, but has since denied it, making a case even tougher.

Meanwhile, it's clear something's wrong with the woman, whether it's drugs or something else. RadarOnline is positing the whole thing is the result of what her parents Rick and Lynn think is a case of schizophrenia.

“Amanda has heard voices for years, and was concerned she was being spied on via smoke alarms, and clocks in her home," a source told the site. "She would cover electronic items because Amanda believed that was the only way she wouldn’t be spied on. It’s extremely sad situation because Amanda just refuses to get help.”

Radar adds that “Rick and Lynn have met with several lawyers that handle conservatorships in the past month, because they want to get a conservatorship of their daughter." They've apparently been told that getting a conservatorship, a la Britney Spears is "unlikely."

Bynes is 27 now, and Spears was 26, but she was clearly whacked out of her gourd, had a crazy manager in Sam Lutfi, had two kids, shaved her head and was reeling from a marriage to Kevin Federline, which should have been enough to do anyone in. Amanda seems more like she's doing all the things she wasn't able to do as a Nickelodeon robot teen -- all on Twitter, no less.

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