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AMC adapting Dan Simmons' 'The Terror' into TV series

It was not a vacation for the crew.


It was not a vacation for the crew.



It should be pretty obvious by the bent of the column that The Juice* is a pretty big fan of AMC's The Walking Dead. So imagine our joy at word the network will be adapting Dan Simmons' bleak, 2007 historical fiction novel The Terror! The name alone should give you an idea of where this is headed.

The novel focuses on the true-life lost expedition of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, which was searching for the northwest passage in the Canadian Arctic in 1845. To this day no one truly knows what happed to the crew, including Sir John Franklin, Francis Crozier and 127 other men, other than they all died at some point after 1847. Simmons' fanciful (and very long but fast-reading) book hypothesizes they were picked off one at a time by a murderous beast while the ships were stuck in pack ice. There are historical clues that point to lead poisoning, scurvy, frostbite, animal attacks and potential cannibalism being involved, so this will be a real family show!

Famed moviemaker Ridley Scott will produce the series, with a pilot being penned by The Invasion writer David Kajganich, reports. Given AMC's prior experience making successful ensemble dramas, this could be a winner. The Simmons novel is too lengthy to be boiled down to one movie, and two winters stuck in the ice could go a long way.


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